A First Class Honours Fashion Communication graduate, I am enthusiastic about entering the film industry. Exploring this medium through multiple integrated projects at university I found a passion for film making, from initial strategising to the production and editing process. Exploring moving image to create thought-provoking original content is the area that has inspired me and I aim to gain professional experience within this sector.


Film recognises neither time nor space, only the limits of man’s imagination’ - Nicholas Ray

Identifying and portraying cultural movement 

Lens showcasing the capabilities of creativity

Movement, emotion and thought-provoking content


Diversity and inclusivity 

Interpretation of art, politics and social movement

Representation of gender, race, religion, age and sexuality

Equality and empowerment

Captivating concepts

Technological art form

Impactful communication

Original composition

Networking talented creatives




Pace, sequence and rhythm

Reporting and exploring collaboration

Observing and acting on cultural influence

Dynamic and innovative campaigns, short series, and documentaries

Uniting creativity, diversity and exploration through moving image

Crucial and current to industries across all sectors

Theatrics and fantasy empowered by digital experience

Intersect of expression, freedom and technology

Online activation

No limitations or boundaries in the captivating vision of film