I am a charismatic and intuitive fashion communicator.  Ambitious and diligent, I am a motivated individual that strives to achieve the highest standard of work. I am an affirmative and proficient learner that employs a combination of strategy and forward-thinking creativity to the work I produce. 


An area of creative passion and academic pursuit is film direction and production. Throughout the university process I have been actively influenced by film culture and it has been a predominant reference throughout various projects I have undertaken. Through the development of multiple projects I have fully engaged with the filming and editing process, executing diverse short-films and gaining an adequate understanding of the industry. I aim to pursue a position within the film industry and continue to develop my skills within this dynamic sector. 


A long-term affiliation with dance and theatre has been an inspiration for different projects and this passion is showcased throughout my portfolio. The significance of movement and expression is reflected in the creative outputs I present and I am driven to explore these artistic forms in future projects that I ensue.